Welcome to OffBeat, the rumor-free celebrity blog dedicated to the careers of those celebrities who rarely make headlines. Here, we embrace the independent film, the overlooked gem, and the significant performances that go unnoticed.

We pride ourselves on being straight news and opinion. You won't find gossip here. No who's-dating-who; no paparazzi photos. We're here to discuss the actors and their work. No spin, no lies.

About the Re-Launch

When I started OffBeat in 2009, I knew I had a great idea. I longed for a place – other than IMDb – where I could get news on the celebrities I wanted to read about. Tired of being constantly inundated with articles on Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, and the talentless dopes on the Jersey Shore, I developed OffBeat as a safe haven where people could read about real actors and actresses. I also wanted a place that focused solely on these celebrities’ careers – not on who they were dating.

I hate paparazzi and I despise websites like Perez Hilton, where celebrities are highlighted for their mistakes more than their accomplishments. Living under the microscope has to be hard, and these gossip blogs don’t help the matter. Actors and actresses want to be known for their work – not for their personal blunders. That’s what I want to emphasize in the postings.

When I opened this blog, I lived a busy life filled with classes, homework, my part-time job, and my social life. OffBeat took a backseat before I even began to really develop it. Now, however, I’m presented with a very open summer and my desire to get up and running came back stronger than ever.

I do plan on fleshing out a full-on editorial section as the website grows. Although I frown upon gossip, opinions need to be heard. I fully plan on airing my opinions, as well as letting you air yours. Did Natalie Portman make a terrible decision by starring in No Strings Attached? How do you feel about Zooey Deschanel’s hiatus from acting as she focuses on her music? I want to know! And I want you to discuss it. This blog can’t succeed without readers. That’s why you basically control the blog and its contents. I’ll be hosting frequent polls and possibly developing a free community forum.

If you’re with me, follow OffBeat and tell your friends, co-workers, and family about the latest celebrity blog that focuses on the important aspects of Hollywood. Join the revolution.